Pop, and now it wont turn on....... Help

I hope someone out in this Awesome group can help me. Im about to cry…

When I turned it on… it made a pop sound and did not come on. I checked all outlets everything is good and I did not find any blow fuse on our house end… Im pretty sure the plug works… because when I power it on… you hear a sound but nothing goes on… almost like a main fuse blew? No smoke… hot cord or parts. I checked the whole thing… Im about to cry. It is just about a year old. or not even that. And I have seen so many other people use there machine much more than I have … and it just died… ugh.

Support@glowforge.com for company help. Not really anything we can do.


Yes, Im now reading that in some of the other post. What is terrible … is that I just bought this in Aug. Its not even a year old… Im hoping to hear from someone at Glowforge soon.
Thank you for your reply.

good luck. It sounds like the power supply died. That’ll require a trip back to the mother ship to repair. If it’s out of warranty they’ll probably just suggest buying a refurb unit at a discount.

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Yes , that is what I had to do… send in my machine… for a refurbished stranger … oh well.

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