Pop Up Card Stands

Here are my latest pop up card stand prototypes in maple, cherry and walnut Proofgrade ply. Origamic architecture / kirigami enthusiasts sometimes want to display a piece and, need a way to keep it open at an optimal angle, as well as add weight so it doesn’t blow off a shelf. My original attempts at this involved bending sheets of metal but, I had trouble getting a sharp enough bend.

Though this isn’t a particularly complicated Glowforge project, I thought it was great to be able to fabricate these quickly and easily after having the idea to make them from hardwood ply.


That’s a pretty cool niche solution that should be very popular! I like the hidden magnet pockets.


What a great idea! What are you using, sheet magnet? I never would have thought to make a display stand. :sunglasses::+1:


Very nice! I don’t display cards, but the concept is giving me ideas for what I do need–including embedding the magnets (but with this thin sheet, just how are you making it work?). It’s a great & very clean look. I love the look of those little square magnets!

I met a fellow using embedded magnets for his display & the price sign, so he could easily change out the price on his display board without changing the entire large display itself.


looks kind of like Magnum Magnetics’ Rubbersteel (adhesive-backed magnetic-receptive sheet material with a white-vinyl top layer)


Never knew there was such a thing! (Definitely could use that for crafting!) :grinning::+1:


it’s also available in multi-laminate variations, like a dry-erase or chalkboard top layer, but I haven’t tried those. I only really use it when someone wants interchangeable magnetic signage applied to an aluminum/fiberglass vehicle body.


So a few years ago the local festival decided the royal court candidates making their own signs for the parade was “unfair.” Instead, they’d pay someone to print up identical signs, except for the candidate’s name of course, using magnetic sheets. About a quarter of the convertibles used in the parade have steel doors. The rest are a mix of corvettes, sports cars with aluminum doors or no doors.


I’m enjoying all the ideas from the speculation! Stuff to look into.

I have done some experiments with embedded magnets but, not for this. I also found some foil sheets that are used for shielding electronics that will hold a strong magnet. Unfortunately, it’s way too expensive to use for this.

These have a magnet-reactive coating brushed on, then a couple layers of white spray paint.


Oh, I think I have a small can of something like that I bought years ago–called magnetic board paint I think–basically just loaded with fine metal shavings. I must remember to find that in my basement of chaos and finally start using it!


Really great concept!

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