Popcorn holder

I started making a lot of functional/organizational items lately. I started applying this to foods and drinks now in the kitchen. This one is the popcorn bag holder.

I have the files for the stand in my Etsy shop if interested in making your own here: etsy.com/shop/freshstartcustoms


I came her specifically for this, to caution about what exactly you should be putting foods into because some woods are a strict no no.
A package holder need not apply (whew).
For the curious - some terms explained at bottom of link:

Wood Allergies and Toxicity

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I like practical projects and especially the way you did the tabs on the acrylic . :grinning:

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Thank you

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Seems like you eat a lot of flat food. Have you ever read Microserfs? :wink:

Never have

You should. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the link, 'tis appreciated.

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Looks nice.

Is that 1/8" wood and 1/4" acrylic? I think this will work for wrapped american cheese slices (just make it less deep). One of my sons asked me to make him a holder for him & his roommate’s cheese slices. That is some dedication to cheese!

Going to order the acrylic and wood (if it’s 1/4 for that ) as soon as I see a reply. This looks so sharp! I think if he is putting it in the frig, maybe I should only use acrylic??? (she glances around the room looking for what else could be used in this container) Thanks!

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Yeah this is 1/8 wood and 1/4 green glass acrylic

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