Poplar sign

So part of the team I work on at IBM is down in Nashville TN (the CARE team - Center for AI research and Evaluation). I wanted to make a sign for them. I looked it up and poplar is the state tree (handy I happened to have 16’ of 1x12 in my shop, so cut a 30” wide section and made this sign and the stand:

Now the carving itself is obviously not by the Glowforge (via X-carve), the back is signed with my logo with the Glowforge (because fine text is easier that way). Had to remove the tray obviously given the thickness. I did check with my lumber yard on the origin of this particular lot of poplar, and luckily it was from TN (or the company is at least)


Ah, to have an X-Carve in the arsenal. Very nice!


I think I’m going to have to get one of those when I get my Glowforge paid off.


That really came out nice.


I’ve had my X-carve in a box almost 2 years… afraid to take it all out and put it together…


Assembling it was, in my case, more fun than using it.

Mine hasn’t been powered up since I got my GF!


I hadn’t used it for 4 years but then got back into it (there were some smaller steps to make it livable that I hadn’t gotten around to like dust collection, that once I got working I could move forward) - to be honest I used the bed as a work table. I have to say it’s not nearly as quick and dirty as the GF to get a job done, but I can’t put a square meter into the GF (or at least more than once!). I need to make the 3D probe kit (but easel doesn’t support, which would require me to switch to UGS, and I haven’t gotten that to reliably connect to the USB port on Ubuntu.

Thank you for representing Tennessee in a very classy way. I am in Knoxville.


The follow on sign for the same person is for her new farm. This is for the front porch, in a stain designed to look like old barn wood:


If you look on the left side clamps you see one thing I hate about the x-carve ecosystem. Someone at inventables once heard that you should keep the tool “down” and so it often tracks right through the clamps (easy to 3D print more) and annoyingly you can set the “safety height” which is the height for a rapid, but on a per job basis… grrrr… and unlike in fusion, no fixture concept in cam…

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I like the irony of Sugar Maple Farm done on Tennessee Poplar.


Well the farm is in rural TN. And it’s named for a giant sugar maple at the crest of the hill in the middle of the farm.