Poppin' Them Pills (Pill Dispenser)


So, I’ve had my GF for about two weeks now.
She has yet to have a name, but she’s currently the light in my life, and I love how laser focused she is… Okay I’ll stop trying to be punny.

Anyways, my first project was for my Lady-Friend, learned an okay amount from it. I’m not sharing that one, but my second project, I wanted to test some more, and also make something practical. I take vitamins on weekdays, but I felt that the daily 30 sec prepping took too much time… I wanted to get a week pill case and prep the week out all at once, but did I didn’t NEED one, I just wanted one. Sooo I decided to make one, something COOLER* than I could buy. (i’ve done no research to validate that I could not buy one that is cooler).

So first I made this, but I didn’t like it on the counter.

So, I decided to cut it again, throw some pattern I made on it, and then add magnets to put it on the fridge. And I think it came out pretty cool. I didnt mask for the original cutting so its not as clean as it could be but, it was my second project, I’m learning.

So, yeah…

A mess but doing a job finally

That is the coolest pill dispenser I have ever seen! :sunglasses:


Whoa! Such a neat design! Love the pattern you put all over it. And yeah, what @Jules said!

(congrats on getting your Glowforge)


Very clever design.


Super cool!! My mom needs one…lmao


I LOVE this. As a guy who takes 9 pills a day, this is what I need to make!


That’s fantastic! My Mom was 92 and couldn’t understand the store bought kind, and couldn’t get the pills out anyway. You need to patent this. It’s elegant and easy for any age. Maybe for the elderly the lettering is bigger, and also have a second side or layer for AM/PM.


This is fantastic! I would love to see this in an acrylic…maybe black or ?


And they are hard to open for those with arthritis like my mom…this is great!!


Well, this was much more well received than I had anticipated. Now I kinda wish I would have made it prettier, and for sure masked before the cut. I may have to revisit this. Thank you all for the kind words.


More than kind words, my dad could use one. Thanks for sharing the idea.

One in the bathroom for morning pills, one in the kitchen for supper pills. Genius.


very, very nice design!


I take a lot of meds and this is brilliant! It’s a nice visual reminder that the meds were taken that day.


Don’t worry. There isn’t one :grinning: You crushed this!


Seriously, I think this is the most useful thing I have seen here to date. Thank you for sharing.


Really cool!!


Way easier than the store pill cases! I think they make those difficult on purpose so kids don’t get in them though. But wall mounted puts this one out of reach of tiny hands, so I think you solved two problems at once.


I love this. It would have me using a pill organizer again.


Fantastic project! How do you get the pills into it?


Obvious answer is one day at a time, either bottom up or top down. Close day, fill next one, close that one, etc.