PORCELANOSA tile example

We have radiant heat and, thus, hardwood was out. But PORCELANOSA hardwood-esque porcelain works great.

Which resulted in leftovers.

So, zap zap zap.

Right is full pro pews at max speed. Left is full pro pews at half speed.

The color difference is quite surprising. I suspect the full speed (right) variant didn’t fully penetrate the colored/textured top layer and the left did. There is a significant difference in feel, too.

In any case, yet another tile like material that yields interesting results.


Nice! Interesting look and I can see some unique uses for this product.

I would so love to find that with through slits. The metal ones we have here are not designed to be strong enough to be run over by a power chair but a so placed as to make it near impossible to not be run over.