Portable spray painting "booth"

I just use an old cardboard box, but this caught my eye today…


that’s awesome!

I love that! One of the flocking videos on youtube showed a similar setup w/fan and filter. I think I really need to make one of these - bookmarked!

Nice! I have been thinking about getting one of these and then feeding the vent through the same rigid foam I put in the window for the Glowforge vent.


Now I know why I saved the two squirrel fans from the bathroom remodel.


Excellent job. I especially liked the way you made the booth portable. Lots of us are short on space in our shops, so this is great. The price is right too. :grin:


I have one of these portable setups. It works well for small jobs. It doesn’t 100% eliminate the smell, but it’s not a ton worse than if you sprayed something and brought it in to dry. (but I also have a bad sense of smell, so take that for what it’s worth)

It’s definitely meant more for one-offs than for large quantity projects though.


Thanks for that information. I’ll keep that in mind as I continue to set up my office/studio.

We spray outside when possible, but that’s only about half the year at best. So this will be good. I think I may even have a spare box fan.


Me too! Friend of mine took apart his dehumidifier and gave me the fan!

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