Portland, OR or Seattle


I did a search in the forums first.

We are headed to Portland next weekend. Where should we go for laser materials? I was planning Taps plastics, but would love a good wood supplier.

We could go to Seattle instead if there are better places to shop. It is about the same distance.

Thank you


Is this Oregon or Maine?




It’s almost never Portland Maine. Sigh…


… and never EVER Portland, Tn… (for lots of reasons!) Ha!:sunglasses:
(Though it IS the place to be for strawberry season!)


I lived in Cannon Beach for a long time – then Eugene. Let me see what I can find out…


The two places I go for boatbuilding wood are Crosscut up in industrial NW (http://www.crosscutportland.com/) and Woodcrafters at NE 6th and Davis, just across the river from downtown (https://www.woodcrafters.us/). I haven’t been in looking for laser fodder, but they both have a huge variety of species.


I haven’t been here, but you might also try:

Hurford Hardwoods (Outback Hardwoods), 8930 NE Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97220
"Home-building depot offering a wide selection of domestic & exotic lumber, flooring & decking."


While in Portland you should also check out a place called Scrap PDX (1736 SW Alder St) scrappdx.org a great source of who knows what you’ll find but is always an adventure and inspiring. I’ve scored woods, leathers, acrylics, paper, memory foam… check it out.