Portland, OR or Seattle

I did a search in the forums first.

We are headed to Portland next weekend. Where should we go for laser materials? I was planning Taps plastics, but would love a good wood supplier.

We could go to Seattle instead if there are better places to shop. It is about the same distance.

Thank you

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Is this Oregon or Maine?


It’s almost never Portland Maine. Sigh…


… and never EVER Portland, Tn… (for lots of reasons!) Ha!:sunglasses:
(Though it IS the place to be for strawberry season!)


I lived in Cannon Beach for a long time – then Eugene. Let me see what I can find out…

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The two places I go for boatbuilding wood are Crosscut up in industrial NW (http://www.crosscutportland.com/) and Woodcrafters at NE 6th and Davis, just across the river from downtown (https://www.woodcrafters.us/). I haven’t been in looking for laser fodder, but they both have a huge variety of species.

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I haven’t been here, but you might also try:

Hurford Hardwoods (Outback Hardwoods), 8930 NE Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97220
"Home-building depot offering a wide selection of domestic & exotic lumber, flooring & decking."

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While in Portland you should also check out a place called Scrap PDX (1736 SW Alder St) scrappdx.org a great source of who knows what you’ll find but is always an adventure and inspiring. I’ve scored woods, leathers, acrylics, paper, memory foam… check it out.