Portland Timber Coasters

This is my first post on the Glowforge forum. I love reading others post and getting great ideas. I recently made coasters for a birthday present for a friend that is a big Timbers fan. I am very new using the Glowforge but I am excited with the possibilities.


Hey, nicely done. 2 colors of acrylic?


Thanks @evansd2!
Yes, I used two pieces of acrylic. I engraved part of the top and the cut out the axe from the top green. I then cut the bottom yellow the same overall size. I used 1/8" pieces of colored acrylic.


Looks very good! (Your avatar as well?) :grinning:


Nice gift.

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What a nice gift! Welcome. :slight_smile:

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Turned out really pretty in the two colors. Quite striking.

Thank you @ChristyM!


Nice job! Keep showing us your stuff.

Well done and welcome to your first post! I especially love the contrast of the axe and how it stands out. I especially love seeing stuff made with acrylic becasue it’s my favorite material. :slight_smile: One trick that works well with acrylic is “defocusing”, have you tried it? It’s used to smooth out the engraved parts of the engraving.

Wow nice work! That looks great, Portland represent!

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