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I like the new Position & Scale panel in the interface. But, I wonder if it could be scaled down or perhaps moved into the info panel on the right of the screen?

It pretty much blocks a good portion of the workspace and is distracting. I’m having to constantly use the hand tool to slide the screen around to view under it.


Just adding that I agree. It really needs to be able to be minimized, or at least moved to a different part of the screen.

Posting here won’t get seen by GF support, however. Only in Problems and Support, or the announcement discussion threads.


Yes! I think it could live inside the bottom of the Print panel. There’s a big empty spot for it right below the Proofgrade CYA info…

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Yep. That’s what I do. A little irritating. I’m starting to make that the first thing I do in a design before I start moving things or defining operations.

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honestly, they bumped up the size of all the UI elements with this update and i find it a bit clunky. i’d rather have working screen real estate.


Might want to put in a suggestion to make them adjustable.
I think the purpose was to default to something people on a phone or tablet could use, which will be huge for a 32 inch screen.

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I hit control-minus a few times in the ui and it’s much improved.


control-mouse scroll wheel also works - just make sure you’re on the edge or the box, not on the working area

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It’s even worse on a tablet, because the screen space is so limited.

(I don’t use one, but I do check it to try and help people with issues that do.)

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