Positive thinking with a side of dieing wine


I just have to start off with the positive thinking portion here.

Let’s all take a step back and look at the amazing change it has been, as I look through this fourm now than I have in the past two years I must say it is great to see so many happy post and awesome stuff being created and fewer and fewer major issues. This fourm has always been such a great community, helpful people and optimistic people. We have all made this journey together, I feel like this is a sub family at this point, I don’t think I’ll ever stop coming to this fourm till the day it closes (hopefully never). As helpful as everyone has been to me I hope I have reached out and helped others with my Facebook page with custom settings and tips that I can help with also. If you haven’t checked it out yet here’s the link: fb.me/freshstartcustoms if you have issues with getting to the notes tab with all the settings please try it with an Android phone or a computer, Facebook apparently doesn’t play well with iPhones. I always try to pay it forward in life and you all were so helpful these past two years so even if I help one person that’s great with me.

Now on to the dieing wine part: ( this is a good thing too lol just a play on words.)
My walking dead wine bottle holder:

If interested there is also a short video of the wine bottle coming alive on my page as well that it won’t let me upload here. The wine creators has an app that brings it to life. Kinda cheesy but cracked me up. Lol

Proofgrade settings work perfectly...... except they don't

Too funny, clever theme!


Your bottle box came out great! I’m guessing it’s a gift for a friend that is also a fan.


Well I guess I can consider myself as a friend and I am a fan lol (it’s for me) I am in the middle of recreating my movie Theater room and wanted to make a new piece for it. I haven’t had my projector setup since we moved a year ago, time to show it the appreciation it deserves lol :rofl:


Zombie Wine! :sunglasses::skull:


That’s great! And I’m not just saying that because I’ve played quite a few walkers on the show since the beginning of season 2 either. :wink:


This is seriously cool! Huge fan of the show, awesome to meet someone part of it!! How many episodes did you get to play in? And did you get to take anyone out with a bite? Lol


I was in almost every episode from season 2, to the middle of season 5, and now just every once in a while. I’m still being used on all kinds of merchandise, which is really cool. I’m typically the one that get’s killed, but i did help eat Otis in season 2.


That’s awesome!


Thanks! I’ve moved on from zombies to vampires. Now you can see me in pretty much the whole new season of The Originals, which premieres April 18th.


…and? How was he?


That’s really cool to put all of the themed stuff on it!


Pretty fatty :rofl:


Never thought I would have complimented someone on how creepy they could make a wine box, but you’ve done a terrifyingly good job!


Thank you lol