Possible Bug: Rotating Embedded Images

I’ve been experimenting with my glowforge by making miniatures out of the characters on the Borderlands 2 in game vending machines. I embed a raster graphic inside an SVG to ensure the engraved raster elements always align with cut vector elements. I was running out of room on my sheet of draft board and needed to rotate one of the files. Since GFUI doesn’t have that functionality yet, I opened the .svg file in inkscape and rotated all of the elements 90 degrees. When I cut the file the results were awful. The engraved raster elements were extremely pixelated. After several failed attempts to change the results by playing with the engrave settings I decided to experiment with editing the SVG file. I found if I rotated the raster image in a raster program (GIMP in this case) and embedded it in the SVG instead of rotating the embedded element in the SVG, the engrave worked out fine.

I haven’t had an opportunity to test this with other files, but it appears rotating an embedded image within the .svg causes the glowforge to severely pixelate the engraving.

Has anyone else run into this problem?

Yep, seen it.

That was the short answer, you want a slightly longer one? :wink:

The GFUI currently has a problem with interpreting flipped or rotated images. It’s a known bug.

If you rotate or flip the raster image in the drawing program and then re-rasterize it, before you save the SVG file, you can get around the pixelization problem. Or take it into a photo editing program like GIMP or Photoshop to do it, as you discovered, and it comes out fine.


Thank you for letting us know about this. There is an issue with our software in handling SVGs which include bitmaps flipped or modified in vector design software. We will be making improvements in this area. We will be making improvements in this area.