Possible laser tube outage

It seems that my laser stopped working midway through a print. The laser head seems to still be functioning and moving, but no laser firing.
I have cleaned camera lense, mirrors, crumb tray, and everything else needed.
I have checked the power and it also seems to be fine (Not at 1 or 0)
Unplugged the machine.
Also ran the gift of good measure and still nothing.
The laser tube shows no lights in it anymore either.
We purchased our Glowforge Pro machine in Aug 2020 and this is the first big issue we have come across.
I am supposed to have my first bazaar this Saturday the 4th, but have a sad feeling that won’t be happening. Anyone else have luck and it was just a simple fix?

That sounds like a “back to the Mothership” issue. There are several places that could cause the laser to fail but none of them are specifically the tube. I had one die from a different issue and spent a bit over 1K to make the trip, but it was much less expensive than a new machine, And far less than losing the ability to use a greater value of materials.

I’m so sorry to hear your Glowfroge laser is not appearing when printing. It looks like someone else under a different email opened a ticket about this same issue to help stop duplicate communications I would like to ask if you would prefer to troubleshoot over email or here. I can then close one or the other.

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