Possible "Print Time" Button?

Hello! When I’m working on putting together a bunch of projects in one sitting, it would be cool to be able to hit a button that will estimate the print time so I can make changes if needed (away from my machine). The only way I know to see the print time is when I actually am about to push the magic button.

I might be in a different situation but I put together prints in Illustrator during my free time during the day then print them when I get home. Maybe this is too type A of me but thought I’d throw it out there so I can have everything ready to go to maximize my time on my machine! Thanks!


Seems like a reasonable request. “Estimated print time” when you upload to the library…


You can just run it, and then cancel and it gives you the print time.

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When I am away from my machine, the “Print” button is grayed out. Do you know of a way to change that?

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Not when your machine is powered down.

Hmmm, I suppose that would be an issue :flushed: Not working on the computer at a distance I have not encountered that issue.

I have wished for this as well :slight_smile:

I find that this became less necessary for me as I progressed — I can make a decent guess as to how long something will take as I design it. I just got a bit of a feel for it over time.

You could just leave your machine on. It goes into low powered mode pretty quickly. The request seems like a reasonable one, but this is a decent work around while you wait.

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I thought about this and imagined a child or even an adventurous cat in the house that sees a flashing button…

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Hopefully any kids you’re leaving home alone are old enough to not push the GF button!

And I don’t know what kind of cats you have, but mine couldn’t care less about a flashing GF button. Practically speaking, it’s only flashing when it’s ready to print. If you just want to calculate printing time, it should only be flashing for less than a minute.


Or just put a box/cover over it maybe? For the few seconds between processing and canceling, I’d think it’d be pretty safe.


Leave it powered on. :slight_smile:

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