Possible source for more sample projects


Just came across this laser maker (hadn’t heard of them before) that has an area for sample projects. Perhaps you can find something cool?



New to me as well, always worth looking through anything public like this. If not for a project its self, then for inspiration for your own.


Very nice! Like the dino! :grinning:


That rocker might be good for a retirement “card”.


Here are some online CDR to SVG converters that will come in handy for these projects:




Those are pretty good, looks like they do other conversions as well. I currently use .CDR for use with my Corel X7 work but I’ll bookmark those for other conversions I sometimes need to do (ebooks and such).



I don’t remember which online one I tried to get simple circles out of f360 with but it didn’t retain any of the measurements in the file.


Ah, perfect. I was wondering how to convert those.