Possible way to make money with your Glowforge



For the technical oriented, these guys say they are willing to work with you if you want to make kits of their CNC machine. It’s laser cut.

Might be a nice side job.


Cool find, I may have to burn a few of these for the grandkids.
Thanks for the link.


I;d seen this but not that last little bit about working with us. I’d love to do one-on-one STEM classes where the student finishes with one of these.


this is a fantastic find! cool little machine :heart_eyes:
Thanks for sharing!!!:grinning:


I have plans to make a few of those. I really suck at drawing. So with a laser cutter to make cutouts, and one of the Piccolo to draw… homemade cards will be EASY!


Very interesting little “CNC”. That site is a few years old but it still is an interesting project to make !