Post limit for new users what a great feature!

Quality support btw

And you use your limited post allocation here to bring such nuance and quality to the discussion here :wink:

I kid, I kid, yes it’s frustrating, I am pretty sure it’s a discourse thing. Good times, good times.

You don’t really want to argue in your first couple hours on the forum anyway. Ben1’s a good dude, knows his stuff. I look forward to seeing what you make and bring to the table, support threads are the worst place to start off here.

If you have any questions you can always DM me (I don’t think those are limited? IDK maybe they are? ) until your post count gets higher, I’ll answer what I can.


Yes, like the other Evans I can see where that could be frustrating but it’s an important safety valve for potential trolls.


Moving this thread to “everything else”


I’ve been on this forum for years and recently made a post about the same thing:

  • It’s a Discourse thing
  • GF doesn’t use Discourse defaults, so it’s a GF thing… :man_shrugging:
  • It’s a fairly recent addition to the forum

Is it?

Far as I know new users have always been restricted from posting pictures in some way. Either can’t post them at all or limited numbers.

The OP is also a secondary non-owner account so that may factor in too.

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100%, as we all know I work in the building. Maybe not for them, but on a different floor :unamused:

Anyway, I feel like it must be. I’ve been replying less these days and running into the issue more often. I would ask them to update their forum to follow standard Discourse account promotion policies however I would rather see them fix their support and shipping issues first.

Edit: Discord -> Discourse

You’re right, it’s not new. There are similar topics from over a year ago discussing the same thing.

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Except that here the trust system is disabled, otherwise we’d all progress to higher levels automatically. That is the issue, not that there is a sub 1 day limit to prevent spamming.

OK, I guess maybe some folks are just effected by a random bug or something becasue this same limitation were brought up a few times well over a year ago. And I know for sure that new users were (are still?) at least restricted to how many photos they can post so it would seem logical they’ might put similar restrictions the number of posts from new folks as well. When other folks went backwards in their restrictions support looked into it for them. If you’re experiencing the same maybe you should tell them about it.

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