Post reviews for Glowforge air filter

Please post reviews of the Glowforge Air filter

The general consensus in the forum, in my opinion, is that if you can vent outside it is preferable to the filter. If your only option is the filter, be sure and read the expected life expectancy of a filter. When using draftboard or plywood - it could be as short as 10 hours. The search function in the forum will provide you with lots of information regarding the filter.


…and then do the math on cost of operation. Filter cartridges are pretty expensive.

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I did a search and saw only 2 answers and a close discussion. I will search for filters. thanks

just to add, you can get a REALLY awesome exhaust system designed and built for 1/3 what a filter would cost you (base price) unless you have no outside venting available.


I have two, a primary that I’ve been using for over a year on the first cartridge, and a backup that is brand new in the box. The main complaint that you’ll see is that the replacement filter cartridge is too expensive ($250.00), combined with additional complaints that it requires frequent replacement when cutting MDF. These statements are true, but there are ways to extend the life of the filter cartridge and lower the operating cost by doing so, you simply need to augment the filter assembly by adding carbon pre-filters to capture particles that clog the filter, and adopt a use strategy that provides greater compacting of the particles that make it past the pre-filters.


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