Post update - Blurry Library!?

What the HECK glowforge?
Since the latest update - includes ‘location info’ on the screen (useless) but not rotate 90 options or anything really useful - it also screws up the preview tiles for any new jobs.
Here is a shot - you can see on the far right, a tabbed tray I made. You can read the text (though its a little blurry and upside down) and see the tabs… To the left of that is one I did yesterday. Huh? What is it? Can’t see … And I uploaded a piece of art we did for a couple. The text is 10x the size of the far right tray, and yet barely legible.



Assuming you mean “rotate 90 degrees”, that’s been easily accomplished since the first units shipped. Click & hold shift when you grab the rotation handle on an object and it will rote in 45 degree steps. Let go after the second shift.

But yeah, the thumbnail thing is not a step forward. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Helpful as always James - Thanks for the rotation info!
And yeah - though I thought the forums or the FB would be blowing up about the thumbnail thing I’m surprised I think I’m the first ?


I was thrilled that they actually show what’s in my design, and not how it looked when I first uploaded. Thumbnails aren’t artwork, they’re just a representation. I didn’t even notice the blurriness.

But they’re not, I had an object with nice thin lines, the thumbnail shows an unrecognizable blob.

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I can tell what all my things are, even the small detailed ones. Plus their NAMES are displayed, if you’re not sure. :woman_shrugging:

Thank you for letting us know about this. I’ve shared your screenshot and the details about what you’re seeing in your library with our team so we can look into it. We’ll follow up as soon as we have additional information.

Thanks. Seems more than just us - but both my wife and I are seeing it, in both Firefox and Chrome, on both win10 and windows7 computers.

It’s nice that yours is working but here’s my comparison, the .svg vs the design library thumbnail, I realize it has text but why have a thumbnail when it looks like this? Just sayin’.

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Have you got the fly part set to “ignore,” by any chance? That was a bug that came up during beta-testing, but I thought they had it squashed.

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No, it was the whole design, I was testing score speed/power.

You need to start your own thread in Problems & Support, then, so they can look into it. (Opening a thread here starts a support ticket, so you can’t piggyback on someone else’s thread to get help.)

I actually did, a few days ago, they are looking into it.

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Hmmm. My thumbnails look the same as they always have.

Your old thumbs will.
It’s when you add new stuff. Like take the 4th job (last on the right of the top row) then load it again from the source file on your pc. Now it will be right under the new one You’ll see row 1/ c1 as the newly generated thumb. Row 2/c1 as the old… Tell me you love the new one…? bcause no!


Oh - I see it. Thanks for the clarification!

Thanks for your patience, all. I’ve confirmed with the team that this is part of the updates that were made to improve the thumbnail previews so they more accurately reflect the current contents of the file. I’m sorry for the confusion.

Here is the latest improvements post where this was announced:

Design thumbnails

Now, the preview thumbnails in your design library will get refreshed when you open, edit, or print a design. That makes it easier to see which design is which when you’re looking for something you made years ago!

I’ve passed along your feedback regarding the resolution in the thumbnails.

I’m going to close this thread. Thanks for letting us know about this!