Potential table fiasco?

So I am hoping i didnt just make a colossal blunder. I double, triple, and quadruple checked the dimensions of the glowforge basic before i built this cart but i am afraid that it wont fit now…

Its one of the Harbor Freight rolling carts (link below this)

I am hoping some one comes to my rescue and puts my mind at ease before my glowforge arrives.

We just spent a full day struggling to put this together and truth be told i hope we didnt mess up and waste a bunch of money on a table.

Glowforge dimensions are 38" x 20.75" x 8.25". The feet are about 1.5" in from the left and right edge of the unit, so that table will be a little small — but the Glowforge will sit on it. It might be precarious, though, since a nudge to either side could slide the feet off the edge.

Worst case scenario, you can lay a board across it with supports to extend the top.

My concern is that the lid isn’t designed to hold the kind of weight of the GF, and the machine needs to sit on a flat and stable surface.

It should be fine if you add a heavy top to it.


It would be a simple matter to get 1/2 or 3/4" plywood 24 x 48 and fasten it to the top of the table. I had some industrial shelves that were a hair small, but also a piece of foam PVC board of those dimensions that the machine has lived on for for over two years now. You might find it a bit high, but you would have a terrific place to keep materials


My intended surface was also a tad small, but as has been suggested, I pulled a piece of 3/4" plywood I had left over from a previous project and it has worked perfectly so far.


It kind of undoes the whole hinged top feature…?

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I was thinking that too but if the ply was bolted to the top and some parts fastened to keep the machine from sliding the lid might be lifted enough to get your hand caught :grin:

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I just figured it was an ideal spot for emergency draftboard…


Or one could cut away most of the front part to have easy access but it would void the warranty. Though drilling holes for bolts might as well.

To further the idea of cutting away the front portion of that top storage area to provide access, you could then build a simple drawer that slides through the new opening to provide more storage flexibility.

I wouldn’t do that.

These tool chests are built from pretty thin metal, and the lid is not designed to hold weight, so removing any of the front will dramatically reduce support for the lid. Keep in mind, the majority of the front is already cut away for the existing drawers.

With the front cut away, I could see the whole thing buckling under the weight of the GF.

If it was me, I would likely cut wood to provide support at the sides to support the lid, just for extra insurance - not that the inner tray is designed to hold that much weight either.

With 3/4 plywood bolted on top and a couple inches each side left in place I would expect it would hold pretty well. :grin:

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Why would you go through all that trouble to cut out the front when you could just get a husky drawer toolchest with the heavy lid and the drawers already?

Something like this:


There are other cheaper alternatives but that’s the concept.

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(the harbor freight equivalent: https://www.harborfreight.com/46-in-9-drawer-mobile-storage-cabinet-with-solid-wood-top-56613.html)

(even cheaper! https://www.harborfreight.com/46-in-mobile-storage-cabinet-with-wood-top-64012.html )


However the OP says it is already purchased and set up/

thank you all for your responses, wife and I decided to buy a new work bench and we will just use the tool cart for… well tools.

Fun way to start the day am i right?


Tables can be returned :slight_smile:

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I would recommend this one. the drawers are awesome.

if you can get it.

unfortunately in this case no, cant be returned

(I couldn’t help envisioning a line at the IKEA returns counter with flat carts of completed furniture and stacks of packing material… :rofl: HF has a generous return or replacement policy, but I’d love to see you get it back into the original flat-pack in sellable condition!)

Edit - wouldn’t you know it?