Power clip images

Not sure if this have every been asked but is there a way to update the UI to see the Power clip images?? This will possibly the best upgrade to the machine if that was possible. It really disappointing thay it don’t allow that function.

What is a power clip image?

Unfortunately the GFUI does not handle clipped images. What you need to do is merge them together or do a screen copy to replace it. If the area outside is transparent as in a PNG or white the GFUI will ignore it but an engrave on top of an engrave will not be engraved by the GFUI at least not the last time I tried.
Any other clipping must be rectangular as it is well known that only Aliens can crop circles.


The image is not the same after doing that.

There should be an export as PNG or even Jpg of the image that sits below the vectors exported as an Svg it what the GFUI expects regardless of the program that creates it.

Yes but the image is degraded. The image is not the same after that.

You can still keep the original and even a lot of separate parts that can be put together in other ways, but there is a limit to the details that can be brought to the reality. There is no reason to have more information than can be applied to the final product.

Especially if its a photo image.

You can export it as a 2000 x 2000 image but a 1000 x 1000 will not be visibly different in the final cut.

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The problem is that I want to frame the image inside a object. Epilog, universal laser machine this wouldn’t be a issue. I don’t see why it would be so difficult to add this function into the GFUI. It would be a awesome function to have. Instead of having multiple groups and threads complaining about this.

Whatever the process the the software kicks out the “degraded” Image depending on the LPI trimming etc. The GFUI will continue to advance over time as I have seen it do in the year I have been working with it.

But working with just Gimp and Inkscape I have not even felt the need to load the Corel that I have since the computer it was on burned up in a car fire and I do keep probably unreasonably high DPI images that need to be scaled down in Inkscape and using multiple layers in Gimp still keep all the parts separate in the Gimp xcf. file while kicking out the Png. for Inkscape to add on the vectors.

Rasterize the powerclipped image to make a new bitmap copy in the same place within the design (no need to export a separate file then re-import it). If there’s any quality loss check the Preferences in your design program for a setting to change it, you shouldnt have any quality loss at all.

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