Power resets during boot - redux

Had a prior thread on this, but it’s still doing it. I decided to record what’s happening - powers on, starts calibration, then resets completely like you’ve turned the power off for a moment. After that, it works just fine.

I happens after the machine has not been used for a while. First time I had in a few days yesterday, and again just now. FWIW it’s my main living space, room temp around 65ºF.

Hear the “clunk” when it shuts down (16s)? What’s interesting is the second time it calibrates, the head appears to move slightly with an accompanying click (~43s) - not as loud as the clunk. I wonder if the head is trying to move and it’s drawing too much power causing the reset? Note that movement occurs at the same time that the magic button lights up briefly.

Yes, mine does that as well if they are loading an update. (Or something - doesn’t happen all the time.) Causes no issues.

That’s what was suggested, but I was also told updates were not that frequent. Did yours do it today?

I hope it is normal because I’d hate to have to send it back!

Mine does it occasionally also. Pretty sure it’s normal, but that is just my speculation.

Oh I think it’s normal.

Firmware updates to the machine are not that frequent, but updates to the control and analysis software behind the scenes at Glowforge are ongoing. If that’s what’s causing the flicker, it’s nothing to worry about. :slightly_smiling_face:

Why would that cause a local reboot?

It’s not causing a reboot, it’s causing the lights and fans to flicker.

I don’t see how that would be synchronised with @eflyguy switching his machine on.

How do you know the machine is not rebooting? Seems @scott.wiederhold is the only one party to that information.

It sounds like it’s part of the startup sequence of commands. If you listen to it when it happens…oh, you don’t have one yet. (Sorry, I forgot.)

I have not witnessed this happening on my machine.

The lights are powered by the 12 VDC supply. The 12 VDC is controlled by an output from the microcontroller. That output is currently set to switch on upon microprocessor reset.

That would lead me to believe the microprocessor is being reset.

There are several supervisory circuits that monitor voltage levels. If those voltage levels dip below an acceptable level, the supervisory circuits will reset the micro, which will flash the lights.

In other words: This looks like a problem with the device, not normal operation.


The flicker has been a recent development since the last firmware push. Is yours connected or do you still have it disassembled?

In any case, perhaps we should all wait for support to weigh in. They can check the data and tell the original poster if there is a problem.

I will be very surprised if support doesn’t replace this unit.

The clicking in the head is the start of the ‘hunt’ cycle. The hunt cycle happens after reboot.

The timing on the video between the light flicker and the start of the hunt cycle clearly indicates that it has gone through a boot cycle.

If your unit does this as well, I would suggest opening a support ticket. It is not normal.

My unit works perfectly, by the way. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I’m not concerned. :slightly_smiling_face:

If it is rebooting during the hunt sequence, like the one in the video above, you probably should be.

I’ve been having this happen on every power-on. After the reboot, it works fine. But I’m not sure why it’d need to boot twice. I had been thinking that it was firmware updates, but the last one was apparently about a month ago, and it’s happened to me the last three days when I turn my GF on in the morning.

Really don’t think it’s anything to be concerned about guys, but if I’m wrong and the machine suddenly dies, I’ll be sure to let everyone know.

My Pro does the same-powers off for a few seconds, then back on-but not every time I start up. My machine has worked pretty much flawlessly, so I’ve been working on the assumption that it’s doing what it should.

I have this same problem. It happens every day.

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I too experience the same power up concern every time I power on the machine.

Mine also reboots after power on and it happens every single time. I don’t think its normal as others have said theirs does not do it. I have a case open already but so far support has only said they are investigating. Its been weeks, no real update.