Power setting for proofgrade


I have been working on a coaster design which utilizes gradients, i have converted the gradient portions to a raster so that it can be consumed by the GUI.

I ran a test print using the proofgrade settings and from the looks of it the standard PG settings operate at too narrow a variance. resulting a a very sharp contrast rather then more gradual darkening.

My solution was to change over to manual mode and widen the pattern density spectrum. the problem is I do not know what power or LPI value the proofgrade setting utilize.

Any help is appreciated.

If you select a PG material first and then convert to manual settings you can see what the PG settings are.


I thought that might be the case, but there is no difference between light engrave and dark engrave when i go to manual mode…

Seems like a bug unless it is a material where you can only achieve one shade. What happens if you engrave black acrylic? I can’t imagine getting two different shades.

What PG material are you using? I’d be happy to double check the settings for you.

When you first switch to Manual mode from one of the Proofgrade presets, the default LPI for that material is listed at the bottom. You can change it up or down there if you want it more dense or lighter.

I’m using Medium walnut plywood.

Unfortunately, I’m currently not home so the only picture I have is what is in the GFUI at the moment.

From the screenshot, you can see that diagonal,it is solid same depth throughout.

That is what I initially assumed, but, because I was noticing that “light engrave” and “dark engrave” both had the same power setting I started to question if the setting when going to manual mode were based on the material or just default settings regardless of material

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Also, thank you for offering to double check the settings,

If you do, could you please confirm what they are for both light and dark engrave?


No worries. For PG Walnut Plywood, the two engrave settings are (as of 18 Oct):

  • Dark: speed 1000, power 81, LPI 340
  • Light: speed 1000, power 51, LPI 340

Thank you very much.

To confirm. To get this info you did the following:

  1. placed the PG matterial in question onto the bed
  2. uploaded a design
  3. selected engrave + dark/light
  4. clicked out of the selection window
  5. clicked back into the element options window and selected manual
  6. noted the settings

No quite, as I’m about 12 miles from my GF. Instead, I

  1. Opened a design already in my dashboard (I could have uploaded a new one, though)
  2. Manually selected “Medium Walnut Plywood” at top left
  3. Selected Dark Engrave
  4. Selected Manual Engrave, recorded the values
  5. Selected Light Engrave
  6. Selected Manual Engrave, recorded the values

Likewise, I checked Black Acrylic:
Dark: 1000/91
Light: 1000/61

…and Frosted Acrylic:
Dark: 1000/91
Light: 1000/65


so odd.
I wonder why when i follow those steps i get:
dark: https://gyazo.com/2927de9d5a8feff08d9d674b3f92936d
light: https://gyazo.com/92c8b9aa096b4d03dde50d58bb046d57

Probably the difference between engraving a picture and engraving vector artwork.

Sorry, those links don’t work for me, so I can’t tell what you’re seeing.

That being said, I should have added the standard disclaimer – the values reported were as seen on my GF Basic, last updated on October 16th. Your unit may have different settings for a variety of reasons.

Yes, there’s a big difference between vector engraves and the myriad settings for bitmaps. Good point.

The OP converted to raster according to first post.

I’d be interested in seeing what the design looks like as a vector - ie how much of a variance is in the gradients.

I uploaded this to another thread today, but this one uses vary power and a very light to black gradient for the background.

The difference is it’s using variable power rather than dithering for the shades.



This is the only version I have on hand.

coasters (1).pdf (103.0 KB)

I took the Good Measure Keychain and uploaded it with Basswood Medium Hardwood.

I choose a different wood to show the difference in settings.

This is the Dark and Light Proofgrade settings:





The engrave on your PDF shows similar power settings 81 - Dark and 51 - Light for Medium Walnut Plywood


Weird. I can only get there now using store designs. When I use one of my own uploaded designs, it won’t copy the PG values when going from engrave color to manual.

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