Practical Passthrough: Under Sink

Under my kitchen sink used to be a sloppy mess of hard to reach mystery bottles and perilously loose stacks of sponges. I used some of my stuck at home time to learn plumbing and change out the old sink for a new one. It was the perfect time to fix the mess below.

This 20”x14”x6” pullout is attached to an inexpensive pullout slider rail set from Elfa.
It’s made from 1/4” Baltic birch ply and fits exactly in my weird size base cabinet. There’s a riser for the dishwasher pods box that makes a handy place for sponges and a low cut away section at the back to avoid hitting the ptrap, maximizing the available amount of drawer while steering clear of the faucet and dishwasher water lines.


That is some practical organization there! I like that you have the custom cut outs to avoid the p trap. I love slider rails!


Can you come do mine now? Prettypleaaaaase? :+1:


I love practical projects, especially if they involve organizing things. Well done!


Practical projects are some of my favorites. What a smart idea!


Well done! How many more drawers/shelves do you want to do now. :wink:


NIce work! I have a few of those I should be doing. On the list…


Nice job! Just organized my under-sink cabinet last weekend, so have a great appreciation for this.

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Do you mind sharing a link on the drawer glider you used?

It just answered one of my challenges on how I am going to do something with the huge Foreman grill.

Going to post my sink challenge in another thread. Great job!

Thanks and sure! It’s the glides only from the Elfa narrow mesh basket - at the store you buy them separately from the drawer, was like $15.