Practical Shelf Build

If there’s a group of people who understand the hoarding associated with crafting, I’m sure it’s y’all. With that, most of you are probably aware of having enough space one day, only for there to be a demand for it the next. With me picking up on leather working, I of course have gotten more stuff, and until now, I was having to shuffle those things around. I have a wide gap with my metal rack that I’d considered trying to find an additional shelf for, but meh, why buy what you can make, right? (Though it would give me additional space, sturdiness, and uniformity :sweat_smile:)

This was all made from Birch Ply, with individual sections being two layers braced together. It’s nice having a rough idea of something you’d like to create and having a better thing actually made. I was very lucky that I had pre-cut pieces of the base that were fairly close to what the dimensions of the wire shelving are, because I hadn’t measured that at all!


Neat idea! I never even considered making additional shelves. I have that same metal shelf in my kitchen, though I don’t think I have extra space to add even a small shelf.


Excellent practical cut!


Cool! Mini-shelf, you complete me. Great design!


That is great! O have been using hooks on the outside of shelves to the point of ridiculous but not thought of hanging shelves! :heart_eyes: :+1:


Great practical cut! I have the same shelves and was thinking of a way to hang stuff. Awesome outcome!


Fantastic! Yes, every inch of space must be used!


Good organizational cuts. I like!

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I’m thinking I really like this idea. Good design.

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I am imagining that had I used a nicer material, that was masked, this would be really captivating. For my needs, though, this will work perfectly!

The other plan I had, that may never happen, is having a hanging system that goes on the side for all of my spray paint, that would give me my top shelf back to put more stuff on. There are a lot of options for sure!

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