Practicing Typography

I have been practicing some typography tonight with my favorite Neil Gaiman quote. I used some old acid free pamphlet binders we no longer use in the library for the letters. I painted them with 2 layers of acrylic paint. I hope to get them glued, framed, and hung on my office wall this week.gaiman


So true! :grinning:

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Gonna be that speck on the screen.

There is a tipping point to being different, where it becomes something else rather than what is was suppose to be.

Take no offense, since this is only my opinion, but that font used is so busy it looks like gibberish unless you parse it letter by letter.
Your mileage may vary.


No offense taken. I may rethink the font. I don’t have a problem reading it, but it is my favorite quote so i have it down pat no matter what the letters look like.

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I agree with @brokendrum, I had to stare at it a while to interpret what it says. Great quote for sure, @kristi.peavy !


I thought it said a libertarian at first. Then lesbian. But great quote. I have a librarian friend who is both. :grin:


Dots over the i’s might help a lot.


A libertarian librarian? Heavens. :grinning:


Try something like this! you can subsitute the hand lettered font you have for the cursive one that I put in, but using more then one font can’t really help! Also a trick I use when gluing things down is us the piece if material I cut out the letters from as sort of a stencil. I put glue on my letters then place them down right where it was cut from, then in the end I lift up the “stencil” and all of the letters stay right where I glue them in the right position! :slight_smile:


Personally, I’m a fan of this simplistic. If the quote is worthwhile, it will carry its own weight. Kinda like birthday cake Oreos. Perfection doesn’t need improved upon. :sunglasses:

If you don’t mind not packing or nesting the cut material, that’s genius.

One can also run a very low power score on your backing material to serve as location guides.

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Thanks!!! I love the idea of using the “stencil”. Unfortunately, when I remade the sign in a different font I nested the words to maximize the space.

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You could also cut out a stencil from another cheap material. Cardboard, regular paper, etc.

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