Pre filter. NOT the one you are waiting on

So just spent 20 min of my life looking for threads about discussion of a pre filter and did not find what I was looking for so I will just ask.

It seems as if the exhaust fan is a weak link to early break down. Is there not a way to add a thin and breathable filter before the fan air flow just to filter some of those particles that cake the blades and cause issues? Would not have to be much but even something that has a slot to slide it in and out of to wash or to change out.

I don’t know maybe I am just babbling and has already been addressed but I thought that I would try to get a answer.


You have to solve the same issue as the larger Filter that’s currently ‘missing in action’ :slight_smile:
Total volume of particles that must be filtered may simply be too great for any smaller filter that is located in-line with the existing fan. Any ‘filter’ that small would likely clog too fast to be useful.

There are several folks here who have built their own filters, it would be interesting to understand how often they replace those.

I was just thinking that if a small filter could be added before the fan inside that it might help extend the life of the fan and cut down on the amount of cleaning needed as its a PITA to get to.

Yeah, clearly the ‘engineer’ of the :glowforge: never used them long enough to experience the horrible design they made in where they placed that fan!

Yes, I understand what you are thinking.

I was wondering about a little frame with cloth or even just a fine mesh over it.

SOmething I could reach and in and take out to clean.

Wouldn’t expect it to stop everything, but maybe half the number of times I have to get to the back of the machine.

Now winter is here, problem is worse as slight damp causes the gunk to be really sticky. Will have to sort out my blast gate…

Agree and instead of help/filter, could even overheat/damage the gf i think!

Just think it could be re-designed (maybe too late now) but for the “2.0’s” a easier and open at the sode so you could unscrew few bits and get it removed to clean it up! BUT, to be honest, it would result in having to work on the sealing it up properly which might not work when removing and putting it back many times.

Also, the solition they came up with for clearing, it’s quite efficient. I use the no flamable degreaser they’ve recommended (quite expensive) but hasle free to do it! Spray it and done! EZPZ!

Will see how it will be with the filter ! :blush::hugs:

New owner here, awaiting the unit to arrive. Reading everything (especially the safety bits). I am also concerned bout the exhaust fan clogging posts I’ve read, so I agree.

A slide in / slide out high flow filer like an AC unit loose fiberglass one or a reuasable course mesh screen could work. I mean I clean my dryers lint filter after every load and it should not not that big a hassle to clean a filter once a day. Also I think this would extend the life of the fan.

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What is this miracle spray and what magical kingdom doe it come from?

Kkkkkkk Well… I live in London, and it doesn not come from here. It was delivered from Poland to here! and it’s called: Novec Electronic Degreaser (3M) the reason GF recommend this one is because it’s is NON FLAMMABLE! (that’s the main reason apparently) Didn’t use much to “fix/clean” mine. It’s quite a big spray bottle. 12 oz / 340g.


Wow, you’re not kidding about expensive - but still good to know!

Yep! And I’ve paid 35£ :smirk:

When I was younger I was into Amateur Radio (HAM) and I would clean up the insides of the radios with a di-electric cleaner. Cool thing was you could spray that stuff all over the boards and not worry about it shorting or popping the capacitors (of course it we still powered the units down first). Mainly I used it to clean the inside of potentiometer (volume nobs). Anyhow… “CRC QD Electronic Cleaner” can be had a lot less expensively then that 3M degreaser above. Not sure if it will clean as well, but says its safe for delicate electronics. Still I am sure spraying anything in there voids the warranty, so use or don’t at own risk :confused:

Thanks for the info. Is this posted by GF anyplace?

The electronics cleaner is way cheaper, but also flammable so if that was the reason for the original recommendation…

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