Hi All,
I’ve done a good bit of searching, but haven’t been able to find posts where people say what they’re using for pre-filters in the official GF filter. Any ideas?


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Hmm there were some.

@jules played with it I think.

Let’s see.

Actually wait you mean the official prefilter option. I haven’t seen that either, nevermind.

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I don’t recall anyone getting one working but I had given it a little thought…

What are the inside dimensions of the enclosure above the filter cartridge, including height?

My thought is to find an HVAC style filter that fits that space, assuming there is ample depth above the cartridge - which there should be given there has been official talk of an official solution.

Otherwise, buy a reasonable HVAC filter (not an expensive one which would impede airflow significantly) and simply cut it down to size. It doesn’t need to be rigid as it’s just going to lay on top of the cartridge and be pulled down a little when in-use.

That’s what I’d try, but I like to experiment…

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