Pre-finished wood in Glowforge

Has anyone used wood finished with Minwax polyurethane? My husband came home from work with a project for me and they pieces are heavily coated in the product. If that is safe to engrave, what the heck setting do I use to get through the polyurethane to the hardwood? Major concerns here! Help!

Welcome back! It’s been a while.

This topic has been covered a few times, though it is a bit tough to figure out what to search for.


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Your going to have to sneak up on your settings by experimenting.

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Thanks! What do you think is the time necessary for curing mentioned in that article? I believe I have what they used -polyshades - and I can try to finish a piece of scrap to run a tests on. I don’t want to screw up a project for this business!

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It should say on the can how long. Probably 24 hours?

That’s the only way to be sure. You need to test on pretty much any material before committing to a large job.

FWIW, most materials from GF store are pre-finished, but of course they have used materials they know won’t harm the machine.

Good or not, I usually coat all my wood with Polyurethane prior to lasering. Saves time in the long run.

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