Pre-production tester Adam Savage

Thus far we have seen the evidence of 2 pre-production Glowforges in the usersphere. One has been widely documented and the our forum comrade has been quite forthcoming with information to the delight of many. Adam Savage received the other pre-production unit and did a nifty video which provided some very good insight.

However, Adam has not become a regular here on the forum (at least as far as I can see) … how 'bout it Adam --> join in on the fun! Brian


I doubt Adam has the time to comment here. Besides, it seems like it’s being more thoroughly tested by @norman and probably the other Tested crew.


Yeah, any of the tested crew would be great.

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I think it was actually Norm who received the unit, but I could easily be wrong. I also assume that any of the Tested crew will have to be careful of what they say and they may elect not to say anything on a public forum.


From the QA it sounded like Will knows Dan, that connected him with tested and Adam, and Norm was one of the first buyers for GF via his connections to Will and Adam.


There is another (an another…)…Dan has said there are others that just aren’t public. :spy: - Rich


yea, and a lot of them probably won’t be public. I think he said one testing lab alone would be receiving 50?

I’d certainly welcome @norm’s @norman’s contribution here and his experience. And his mad skilz!

When I try to explain how big a deal it was for me to get the pre-release unit, I always mention Adam Savage because he’s a little more well known, but inwardly I think.

Thanks @karaelena for the correction.


Wrong norm. His handle here is @norman.

Thanks, fixed it!

Yes, although he shares well with others.

Righto, Will was how I met the Tested crew.