Pre-Release Air Assist Video


In all of the videos showing the Glowforge in action I don’t remember any showing the Air Assist port. (Might be wrong). Air exists the rectangular vent behind the head and shoots rapidly toward the front of the machine. Smoke circulation is such that it completely avoids the head area and exits the left rear of the unit.

This material test uses less than 40% of the current maximum score speed. Settings will continue to evolve as the S/W changes. I used a little $50 Polaroid Cube camera for the video.


I’m just going to set this video on a loop all day :grinning:




Cool. So I guess the two reasons for the 2" max height are focal point and to clear that air assist.


Enjoyed the perceptive angle. It gives a view that one cannot see at all.


Watching that it makes more sense why the air assist wouldn’t be pointed towards the back and the exhaust port. doing it this way creates a circulation in the glowforge that appears to clear the whole work area, or at least a large percentage of it. Very cool video.


So if you were doing small enough objects you could go higher because the air assist would never get over that part? (This sounds sorta like the nozzle clearance stuff on some 3D printers)


It would probably be out of focus before the point it hits the air assist.


Based on what I see in the video I would agree. But it is a good thing to note if you are engraving inside a recessed area.


Good video. That reminds me. I don’t believe I shared this video publicly that shows the air assist scoop front and center. Not a whole lot of smoke gathering in the exhaust.


No you did back on Jan 22. I just concentrated on the spirals so much that never saw the air assist port.