Pre-Release Glowforge: delivery, unboxing, setup, first prints! :glowforge:


Agreed :yum:


Huh. A used 'Forge. Interesting.

Welp congrats on getting one. Enjoy it.


Just a note from GF HQ: a bunch of us are here late and watching the unboxing with much excitement.

Indeed, we ran this unit at GF HQ for two days before sending it out - we’re still doing extensive QA on each prerelease unit.



Are there any other pre-release units going out? Or you guys are doing the ‘burn-in’ one at a time?


There are advantages to living on the West Coast - I get to see all these videos tonight instead of tomorrow morning! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your exciting evening with us all!


Looks pretty clean on the inside. The tube is a work of art. I have only seen pics of them and will do some more detail photos. Here is under the hood.

Pre-Release | Manual Rotary Indexer
Schedule update (December '16)
A Treatise on Alignment

Interesting. So the head assembly is shipped off and the end user has to install it?


why the three boxes… Forge, crumb, proof grade. Will this be consolidated for production shipping or at least maybe the forge and crumb? Or does it bounce around to much if ahipped inside?


They might have reasons but I tell you the crumb tray has some heft to it, as do the proof grade. Was surprised about the print head though.

Here is the final video which was actually the first video. Warts and all. I had my iPad on time lapse. Duh. Slow down replay in your YouTube settings. Sorry.

Last video of the night. Will post some stills in some other topics and this one perhaps.


I actually love it as a time lapse! :slight_smile: I sometimes do that for my students when I’m working in my shop–they get a kick out of seeing things made that end up in the library.

This was so much fun to watch–felt like watching my nieces on Christmas morning! It’s finally feeling “real!”


Dang it!


Saved me the trouble of trying that. Thanks!


Ha! I’m amused that I’m not the only one who tried. :smiley:


And now for a Monty Python intermission…


What about the manual ! I thought maybe that initial delivery from the truck on the cart was the boxed manual and they would return to the truck for the GF…:grinning: Seriously though - very excited for you and can’t wait to experience that smell for myself… ( any Maple in that Proofgrade ®? J/K)


Maple and walnut veneer. Nice maple veneered mdf. Maple plywood. Will double check for a piece of solid maple but don’t think so.


@marmak3261 no need to apologize for anything. We all realize you are under the gun, so to speak. We’re all grateful that you’re taking the time to share the experience at all!


Thank you so so much for sharing and doing all the videos and answering questions. I’m sure everyone really appreciate it! :clap:


I have been wanting to see what the bottom looks like, and you were thoughtful enough to show it…but I was unsure of exactly what I was seeing. Do the ‘feet’ or runners or whatever they’re called…run lengthwise? And how far is the one in front set back from the front of the machine itself. Sorry, I’m having a difficult time describing what I want to know. Could the front of the Glowforge actually come out past the edge of the table or desk and still be safely in contact on the bottom? Thank you!


Yes. There are two rubber feet on the bottom of the unit. They run the length of the machine and that’s what contacts the table. The front of the machine (or air filter) may overhang slightly the edge of the table.