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Like others have said, Harley goes after people fast and hard when people sell their stuff. They do not mess around or take any prisoners. I might chance a few other brands, I would never mess with Disney or Harley. Someone would have to be pretty crazy or rich to chance it.

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I wonder what their licensing terms are. Because they no doubt have bean counters who can do the math on fewer legal hours.

yup - I don’t think I would have considered wood grain orientation. Thx!


I see a big difference between making copies to sell or for personal use. As a personal gift for a friend who is an enthusiast wouldn’t scare me or rub against my ethics at all.
@karaelena, I’m sure your gift will brighten his day and he will love it.:sunglasses:


My thoughts as well… so long as you aren’t selling it, it shouldn’t be an issue. Nice piece!


Even in big business “made for personal use and not for resale” gets a bye. Worked with a company that built band saws for the sawmill industry. Owned several important patents that made theirs the best - could cut really thin with little to no wave. It was not uncommon for mills to try and hire away employees to try and construct their own. As long as they weren’t selling them there wasn’t much the original company could do but bluster and threaten.


An homage gift like this is perfect and special. Keep it up!

Band mills: have you followed Matt Cremonas build on YouTube?


Agreed. I have no ethical issue with gifts/personal use. I think that from a legal/business perspective, personal use is considered “fair use” … but don’t quote me on that.

The only thing that I might add is the suggestion that if you’re recreating something for personal use that was designed by an independent artist, give them a link/credit/shout out so that others can find and appreciate them too! Obviously, HD logo needs no further explanation - but if you find yourself inspired by a little guy, thank them by giving them a plug :wink:


In the US, and probably elsewhere, it is an Internet myth. There are exceptions in practice, but generally the technical answer is no.

But before we start one more IP thread that we do not need, doing one mile an hour over the speed limit (one kilometer an hour over the speed limit for most of our non-US forum members) is also not legal. The speed limit thing is intended as a personal thought experiment about how black and white you need your internet discussions to be and the reality of consequences for certain actions. It was not meant as something that needs to be hashed out here. No reason for Dan to have to lock this thread in a hundred posts.


Well this is a unexpected turn of event topics wise.

Yes is a copyrighted logo. I no am not selling this piece. This is going to person who is dying of cancer and already has all things Harley. Many, many, many bikes. And every possible type of memorabilia you can possible imagine. He’s been a fan for well over 35 years.

Since his room is baron. We figured we’d spruce it up a bit with something he loves. Then added a engraving on the back for him. (Which I am not going to post as it has names on it with something personal. Cause Internet.)

This post was just to demo the glowforge. That’s all really. I’ll be mindful in the future about posting anything with a logo or any artwork that’s not mine.


Do you want me to take it out of the Highlights reel? Up to you.

(Not likely going to be an issue but if you don’t want it in there, just let me know.)

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In the video, it looks like you did the cut before the engrave, which I think means you didn’t use those flashdance stand-offs even though it sounds like you did an engraving on the back. Is flashback only really a concern in clear materials or other specific situations?

Please don’t. The copyright thing was a tangential thread, based on the comment that nobody should try to sell HD stuff. I don’t think anyone in that side conversation was being critical of you or this particular work.

Most seemed to agree/notice that this was a one off gift. The workmanship is beautiful, and the sentiment behind it is even more so. Please don’t take offense, or let this cause you to censor your work.


My wife did the engrave. Most likely forgot about them. The stand offs where mostly for acrylic. The stuff I was doing at the time the materials was visible and I wanted to avoid it.


Seriously this crap about copyright comes up every time someone posts anything that is commercially used. I feel that if you aren’t selling it then it doesn’t matter and the content police need to chill out. This is a forum of like minded people not an etsy shop.

Btw that looked awesome and thanks for the post.


It was totally unintended to take the thread down this path. I was just making an observation.

I hope your gift brings your friend some joy.


I think that’s basically what everyone was saying! A couple people asked about selling, OP said “nope, not my plan” - and people mostly said “Oh okay, that’s cool then”. Yeah the thread derailed a bit (cause that just seems to be what we do here) but I didn’t get the sense that anyone was trying to criticize or police K’s project or character.


It’s not crap. Especially in certain cases… like H-D (and Disney).
Copyright is an important and serious issue, about which many people have erroneous information, and finding the correct information can be difficult.

Better to hear it from a friendly than from a lawyer who wants a paycheck.

[quote=“elsman18, post:35, topic:6725”]
I feel that if you aren’t selling it then it doesn’t matter[/quote]
And that’s how many people feel. But that is not the letter of the law .
If you pay for the license to put the H-D logo on a hat, thats all you are allowed to do with it. If you then put that same exact logo onto a clock, you have moved beyond the scope of your license, and could be served a cease-and-desist.
please note that I am not trying to say the law is right, wrong, good, or bad)

I didn’t see anybody tell @karaelena to take down the post, or that the work wasn’t good, or that their friend doesn’t deserve a beautiful, handmade gift. In fact, I think a case could be made for the thing being a proof-of-concept, and protected as such.

And as like-minded people often do, some of us want ever so much to protect the others from misconceptions that could cause them harm. Since H-D is protected under the Lanham Act, trademark infringement becomes a federal matter. That’s scary, at least to me. It is apparently enforced by ICE. That could certainly be more scary to some than to others.

I will say no more on the matter.

“Not My Circus.
Not My Monkeys.”


Wow! That looks fantastic! Excellent!


Genius…can’t remember…was the Indian an offshoot of Harley ?