Pre Release: Here's My Escutcheon


Here’s mine:

It was really a no-brainer, this being an eclipse year and all.


Minimalist at it’s best.


Love it! The clean simple lines, the flowing artistry, the blend of the charcoal mesh in an almost snake-skin like clarity…it’s …well …it’s so nekkid.


Thought it would be brighter.


It is right now! :wink:


You’re a funny, funny girl, you are! :smile:


OK…is this the Escutcheeyon contest thread? :smile: I took Jules’ entry as an inspiration, though I must say Cynd…your’s is right up there, too. Mine looks Barnum & Bailey themed. And close up, it’s not very tidy. My glowing button is under a slight overhang from a shelf above, so not really that visible. The main thing with mine though is that I learned how to use a whole lot more in my design program…like a few Boolean ops, which tickles me plum to death. The lettering on this thing is something newly learned today…and excites me no end. My laser products may not be all that, but I’ve sure been having fun making stuff and learning even more.


Okay, this one is my absolute favorite!!! It shines with personality!




All have been awesome so far!! When I’m able to make mine, I think it will be something like a “Push to produce awesomeness” or something to that effect…


Got to agree! Got to get me some bling for that thing! :smile:


personally i mostly love the fact that it’s centered…


Loving all of this!!!


I’m considering “Let the Laserness begin” :wink: