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googles/goggles is one of my common mix-ups. I also tend to swap the first and last letters of lots of words when those letters are adjacent to each other on the keyboard.

Oh, “and” becomes “nad” quite often… havent figured out why, maybe it’s just the timing between hands being miscalibrated. LOL




I can not type “au” in the middle of a word. It always comes out backward. I finally got so frustrated typing “because” i set it to autocorrect (from “because”)


I’m surprised that’s not already in the default autocorrect!

But that’s one of my favorite gags… To set somebody’s autocorrect as something like “because” (spelled correctly) to something like “because I’m not very bright”.


yea, it autocorrected on me :stuck_out_tongue: was typing on my phone while eating lunch.


It’s a right/left brain dominance thing like left or right handed. As you switch to and from your dominant hand even though it’s mostly muscle memory, things seem to often fire just a hair faster on one side.

You can solve it by dictation or becoming a 1 finger hunt and peck typist if you really want. At least for me it’s most noticeable when I move from the stronger fingers near the thumb to the weaker outer ones.

At least with my attempts at proper typing this is my experience.


I found that switching to Dvorak made mistakes like this much less frequent for me. The qwerty keyboard was actually designed to slow down typing to avoid jamming in typewriters, so it’s not exactly efficiently laid out. The dvorak layout, among other things, minimizes frequently messed up letter combinations.

Dvorak Keyboard Layout


Neuron or synapse memory too. The pathways that are more frequently used become pronounced, reenforced - kind of a practice makes perfect thing.

That’s why you don’t want to foster a negative attitude, you will hard wire yourself that way.


Only tangentially related, but this video blew my mind (at least half of it!):


I tried to switch to Dvorak once, but kept messing up by reverting to qwerty. Ingrained habits. Maybe if I could find a keyboard cover I could try again. It did make a speed difference!

I cut up and labeled the sticky parts of sticky notes to put on my keyboard, then made myself type up a paper using dvorak during undergrad. I’ve been pretty set since then. I’ve still have to use qwerty occasionally (GRE, public computers, that kind of thing) and at this point I find I can switch back and forth well enough. It helps that my less familiar keyboard (qwerty) is always written on the keys if I need a reference :slight_smile:


Maybe I should just get an Optimus Popularis keyboard then I can make it whatever layout I want it to be. :slight_smile:


That is so interesting (no it isn’t). My mind is blown (oh come on!) I have heard of this procedure but didn’t know the consequences (yawn…boring) Oh shut-up (no, you shut-up) No… - Rich


‘Creative people are not an individual, they are a plethora’.
(It’s ok, they know me here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Yeah. Like seriously, just two? Where are the rest of his? Should have called him out on that. More than the right brain rolling its figurative eye. And what’s this nonsense about only the left brain being able to talk. They’re all talking all the time. It’s a freaking cocktail party in there. It’s a wonder any of it ever comes out intelligibly.



ooooooommmmm to the nth deep breath… ooooooommmmmmm

This thread has really gone off topic.


Not really. It’s all about perspective. Every topic on this forum morphs, so in essence, this thread is in line with all the others.

Don’t despair, it will come “full circle” eventually. :grin:


Totally agree, a proxy switch (or even a dreaded limit switch**) is a much easier, reliable, and cost effective solution.

** CAUTION! limit switches, like everhting else***, break on occasion

*** including microphones, photo diodes, proximity switches, camera sensors, hall effect sensors, spindex plates, etc.

minor thing: 1-¼" = 31.75mm

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The tricky part with solutions like these is that sometimes the head only moves half a mm on a pass depending on what it’s engraving. Sometimes it might not make a pass at all on a row. It might step back 2 or 3 lines on the y axis before getting to the next engrave part. That will be the hardest part to compensate for