Pre-Release | Manual Rotary Indexer

nice hope we can get a file

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Nice work. #necrogame

Surprised that this post is still open.
Any further progress on the availability of a rotary indexer for the Glowforge?


I am hoping they integrate an add-on soon or make an option to new models, they are losing money to people who are buying other brands that have rotaries or a way to add one to it.

I don’t think an add-on is something being considered right now. There isn’t much room to add mechanics inside the Glowforge, and the 2" height restriction limits what can be engraved. People intent on engraving tumblers, mugs and thermos bottles purchase lasers with deeper beds.


You would take out the crumb tray, there are ways.

Taking out the crumb tray is what gives you a 2” height. The only way to use a rotary with the GF is to literally cut the bottom out of the machine and prop it up on the sides. Glowforge is not going to advise doing that.


Too bad GF doesn’t let you roll back your software version in a menu item to a previous working version so hacks like that will work, then switch back to the current software, I know, I know…

This is cool!

I’ve read some one did this on their OOW GF…on this site.

If they sold bottom replacement cases I would give it a whirl, but without that not going to cut into my machine. If we could I’d make a sheet metal box that sat under the machine and route a hole into the case bottom to allow a deeper box. It every time I get this fantasy I realize the number of times I have really needed to laser something thicker than 2” in all the years is like 4-5 times.