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It was a milestone birthday year for my girlfriend, so we decided to do it up! We rented out a gaming bar in Atlanta and had a huge party with all of our friends. Battle & Brew for anyone interested. Awesome place! Tons of couched areas around big TVs with all the consoles and whatever games you want to play. The center of the place is lined with gaming PCs for lanparty style gaming, a couple arcade machines, full bar and kitchen, and a staff of likeminded geeks and miscreants ready to party.

I figured this would be a great excuse to make some laser stuff for the event. Badges?! We actually do need some stinking badges! So I made some badges for those people that wanted VIP access, and some matching signage for the VIP area. This was a free all you can eat area with a couple free drinks per person.

The badges took a few iterations to get right, and make sure the hole at the top was sturdy enough to last through the night. All in all they turned out pretty great and the party was a blast!

Heres a spread of the large engrave with some of the badges

One of the early test pieces

All the badges lined up ready to go!

Close up of the signage

Wide shot of badges

And some random photos from the party:

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 18th, 2017

Sounds and looks like an awesome party. Love the lasered badges and signs, as well as the venue. Need to see if there’s something like that around me.


Battle & Brew… that brings back some fond memories. I haven’t been over there in years, maybe time to do something about that…

Also beautiful work on the engraving. I can’t believe how well the fine detail shows up, amazing!


What?! Okay, MIND BLOWN!! Fantastic badges and additional artwork. The costumes are great. It looks like one heck of a party. Exceptional work!!


“Namey Namerson” +1


That’s crazy! Looks like a blast! Seriously I just said to my wife “So… That money we have in our savings account. Can we weigh an option out here? New house? Or… Or!.. A gaming bar. We should own a gaming bar.” Rolled her eyes “Okay.” Which, I think means… “No.”


I will tell you that this place makes a KILLING. We drive from out of state to go there as often as possible. If you have enough geek population in your area it could be an awesome venture. Id definitely recommend visiting their establishment to see how they have everything set up. Its pretty amazing.


What a great party idea and the name tags / passes are truly brilliant.


I’m in the Philadelphia area. Believe me… we haz geeks.
Heck, I even know a place just went out of business that’d be a great location for such a place. Okay… Going to work on the wife some more…


That’s the kind of place for a Glow-con!! Except everyone needs to “forge” their own name badge !


I would TOTALLY be down for that. GlowCon ATL would be amazing


Especially if you can find the right Chef:

I have often considered going for a business loan and trying it out. I live in a College town, so would likely do well while school is in session. But having never attempted to run a business, I give in to my cowardice.


Show me what you got!


Heres some more photos where you can see B&B more clearly:

Here is the main run with gaming PCs and bar. The glassed in area on the right has all the TV areas and in the back a room for card and table gaming. In the very back is the game master counter. He has all the consoles, controllers, and games. You can go back there to trade in what youre playing for something else any time you want. If you want MarioKart and SmashBrothers, you gotta get there early. They have multiple copies, but they get claimed quickly

This is one of 2 gaming decks with multiple couches and TVs. There are also 3 individual couch areas with TVs on the other side of the gaming pcs. I think 10 total gaming couch/tv areas.

Theres also a full size dining room that I dont have a photo of, and an additional private room in the back. Entering the Tardis in the back takes you to the restrooms etc


yessss… He is high on my project list! haha


me too! I have a thing I am cooking up, that involves those guys, but it has to wait until I get a Glowforge


ah man I cant wait to see!


it is pretty ambitious. I have lost a lot of steam on the project when the delay happened (Disqualified!), but I will pick up more ideas for it when it is getting closer to shipping.


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“show me what you got”… Looks at post “I like what you got. Good jobb”