Precious Metal Clay

Just curious. Has anyone tried to etch PMC Clay? I am a jewelry designer and would like to try some new designs but am very weary about experimenting on my new GF for obvious reasons. Has anyone else thought about this or has tried it? I would think that the clay would have to be completely dried but not Fired or mold could be made then you mold your clay?? Thoughts??

You need to see what it’s made from. It might have PVC in it. I think polymer clay does. If so, we can’t cut it with a laser.


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It has been discussed before, but I don’t know if anyone has tried it since they got their laser.

Reverse engraving molds and stamps is totally possible. As for the PMC itself, there’s two things that aren’t laser-success friendly.
A) super high metal content - GF simply doesn’t cut or engrave metal. Only marks with a marking spray.
B) firing shrinks PMC, selectively firing via laser would cause crazy warping.


You would have far better luck with a plotter type cutter for cutting (like a Silhouette). However the Glowforge is terrific for making quick silhouette dies out of acrylic if you’ve a press, and I’ve done a few experiments with engraving / cutting patterns in thick watercolor paper for use in a rolling mill with silver (works wonderfully etched or cut). You could make stamps quite easily as well, and probably also cutters to press into clay. World of ideas awaits you.


Not to mention, jewelry stands, custom displays, earring cards… custom tool holders, engraved shipping boxes… you name it. It’s a wonderful tool for a jeweler.

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