Prefinished Alder Plywood or Alternatives

Hey Glowforge Community,

Has anyone especially those in the Southern California found any suppliers for Prefinished 1/8th Alder. I’ve found a supplier for Prefinished (UV treated) Maple in 1/8th, as well as unfinished Alder and Cherry among other plywood but Alder finished is a lot tougher to find.

If not I’m contemplating trying to go with prefinished cherry plywood suppliers though that is also a task to find at an affordable price. The going rate for prefinished maple for 16 pieces of 12"x24" is $100 I would expect cherry would be more expensive. Trying to start a side hustle making wood greeting cards or journals so costs matter a bit haha…

Thank you

Not cheap, but good stuff to be found at Colorado Heirloom - including alder. It is hardwood rather than plywood I believe.

Thanks! Its nice to know theres a supplier regardless of price just in case. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Since you mention cards take a look at

They don’t have alder but they do have 14 other wood species.