Premium Features not working

I have a project due and since Glowforge hasn’t got back to me yet figured I would try here.

I am trying to use the premium features. Which I need for my project… Everytime I try and purchase the premium I update my card info ( bc the card on file is not correct) and it keeps saying “card declined”

I called my bank and they said everything is good on their end that it seems to be a glowforge problem. I also did the prompts to updating subscription payments and I don’t have that option.

Any ideas on how to fix this because I am in a time crunch

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Not being flip, have you tried a different card?

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Yes we’ve tried 4. I even had my sister do it from her computer and use her card and all of them say “card declined” It’s been 5 days and Glowforge still has’nt written me back.

I’m just wondering if I am ever going to get a reply from Glowforge or am I going to have to cancel this project. A little frustrated it’s taking this long to get a response on a solution.

It’s none of your business what I do my projects for or how I use them. There’s a feature that I was using on there that I need for the project. If you don’t have a solution to how to fix the problem then keep it moving.

I understand all of that. But the solution would be how to get premium to stop declining my card. What you said does not fix that issue.

Again none of your business. If they offer a service and it does not work I would like a solution on how to fix that particular problem.

Help is wanted. But your advice was not a solution to the problem.

Finally got an email and they told me to call my bank. I told them I had already called my bank.

They told me to go to purchase history and click on “manage subscriptions” (Which I tried all of that before email. I exhausted all options before I emailed them>)

When I click on purchase history… There is no option for managing subscriptions.

Hopefully I ondt have to wait another 4 days before I get a response to something I already said I checked.

You have nothing that looks like this on your screen?

That is something they will need to set up for access to then.

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Are there any adblockers running?

@jandldepalo I’m so sorry that you’ve run into trouble. I’m going to close this post since we are working with you over email.