Premium file - 6 Yarn Markers cutting twice

Has anyone else cut those 6 little yarn markers? I just did and it did a second pass around all the cuts leaving my material charred. I can’t edit in AI so is there anything else I can do to correct it?

Not really. The design definitely has the double cut lines, and they’re wonky too, to the point that they were likely created by software-tracing some bitmap image. That’s something Glowforge should not have allowed to make it to their catalog IMO. It also makes me feel very little confidence that the person who submitted the design had rights to resell whatever graphics they traced to create this. I made a report about the double cut lines via the “report this design” button in the catalog, and suggest you do the same.


Thanks. Definitely a disappointing file. I’ve just reported it. It makes me question my subscription if they’re not even going to bother running test cuts on these submitted designs before releasing them to us. Helen’s over there making $ and I’m wasting material. :roll_eyes:


It is disappointing, but you can fix this. Ignore the outlines that come with the file. Select each item you wish to cut and use the outline tool set at 0. This creates new cut lines and eliminates the double lines in the original file.


They do test the designs. At least they’re supposed to, but for whatever reason this one got past them. I completely agree with @dan84 …it should never have been published in the catalog.

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