Premium Files not Free

This is just like a previous thread that has been closed. I am logged in, have restarted. Initially when I joined premium I was able to get files I wanted for free. There is a new file added I wanted to use, but I cannot get it for free. I didn’t see the answer in the previous thread - so I’m asking again. I checked my purchases, I am paying monthly for premium. Would love to know what I am supposed to do in order to get the files without paying?

They’ll be along to fix you up. There is apparently a setting on their end that sometimes gets kicked and they can fix it pretty easily.


You will need to logged in first, then on the free file, click add to cart and the file will show up at no cost and then just download the file.

Or, if you go to the catalog and click the Free with Premium you can download from there.

If they are not showing up as free then support will need to fix your account, which they will be more than happy to do…

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I’m sorry it’s not working properly for you! I’ve confirmed that your subscription is in place and I’m working to get it sorted. While I’m doing that, which design do you want, specifically?

And I think I have it resolved - will you attempt a design download and let me know if it works?

I would love if you could help me. I added the space shuttle back in November and it’s disappeared.

Hi @katb65536, I’m stepping in for Rita tonight. I’ve made some changes on my end and I think you should be able to find your design on your dashboard!

Thank you!

Thank you for your assistance! I’m still not seeing the space shuttle on my dashboard. Any thoughts?

@katb65536 Sorry for the confusion, that response was for the original poster @lise

@katb65536 I’ve made some changes on my end and that design will show up on your dashboard next time you visit

I’m going to close this thread.