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OK! Signed up for Premium, and went and picked out some of the free files I had been looking at previously moments later. Checked out no problem! Since then, I have not been able to purchase any files that are included with the Premium feature - not under the Premium freebie feature anyway. Was it a one time deal with the Premium files or??? When I go to put the files in my cart, I have a notice to sign up for Premium - I already have AND I am logged in. Is it a bug in the system perhaps? Anyone else with the same issue?

It’s not a one time deal, so it must be a bug. Did you try the old IT advice of turning it off and on again? Who knows, it might work.


A few times now! Just curious if anyone else is having any issues.


Not so far - though in an earlier iteration I had issue because I purchased under a different email than I use the forum, so I had to remember to use the forum email to get the deal…any chance that’s your problem?

@Spin I was able to confirm that you have successfully subscribed to Glowforge Premium.

@deirdrebeth has a good suggestion. Can you confirm that you are logged in with the correct email address?

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I use the same email every time - I have it saved in my browser, so it auto fills every time I log in. I did add an alternate email, but I made my purchases in the main email. BUT it is a good idea that I check, just to be sure!

I have logged in, logged out, restarted my computer and checked my email account that I have logged in with and signed up with (same email) and STILL even with being logged into the shop, I can not access the files without being told that I have to pay for them and being prompted to sign up for Premium. I hit the sign up button and I am taken to my GFUI page. HELP! there is certainly a bug somewhere.

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