Premium Graphics not scrolling

I am using an iPad Pro (iOS 15)

The ability to scroll is no longer available if you choose to see your favorites or if you use the search function. I am now only able to see 4 lines of graphics. No scrolling ability.

When you open Premium Graphics I am able to scroll the main page.

I just tested this too on my iPad Pro.

Chrome 94.0.4606.52
iOS 14.7.1

I have the same problem.
It appears that the scroll bar just doesn’t exist, but should.
The same query on desktop brings many results. On the iPad, we get 4 rows.

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I posted this thread here so Glowforge support will see it and pass it on to the programmers.

Thanks for checking!!

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This is still an issue almost a week later. Is there a way to report the problem directly?


I believe anybody from support can see this thread. Usually someone from support will post and they are aware of the problem.

You can E-mail support directly—- if I do it ——it’s just going to add me again in the queue and slow things down for me.

It is very frustrating trying to use premium graphics now. We only get 4 rows after a search. I do not want to use my laptop when it’s so much easier to use the iPad. Now if I want to use one of my favorites I have to pull out the laptop.

All of the premium graphics are from the noun project. Sign up for a free account. Then you can download all of the clipart for FREE!!

We should not have to do this because we pay for premium and up until last week we had the ability to scroll.

Hello Elena,

I am sorry for the delayed response. Thank you so much for the details and for bringing this to our attention. I understand how this could be frustrating and it is my goal to make sure we get this fixed for you as quickly as possible. Our team is looking into it now. As soon as I have more information I’ll let you know.

Best Regards,

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Thank you kindly for looking into this problem. I really appreciate it because I love using premium graphics .

I have the best idea for the Glowforge team. You have my phone number. Let me be the official iPad tester for all other iPad users. Call me if there is a problem with the interface.

It would be my honor and I would be humbled ——not only would I be a ——World Famous Glowforge Catalog Designer —-to my résumé I can add —— Glowforge iPad iOS Engineer.

Hi Elena,

No problem! We are glad to hear you enjoy using premium graphics.
I will be sure to keep you aware on any updates from our team.
We thank you for your assistance in bringing these issues to light so our team can fix them for the community and should you find more you can keep posting them here or emailing us directly at

Thank you for your help and your awesome catalog designs!

I will be in touch with any news.

Best Regards,

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Sorry, but this is not true. @ChristyM and I both had accounts with the noun project some time ago…and sadly, we both discovered that deep within their account information is well-hidden the fact that you DO have to pay for each and every image you use. We both immediately canceled our subscriptions. Turns out though, that by subscribing to the premium features with GF, you can use as many as you wish without further payment.


Just tested again.

Still broken. FYI.

Still not scrolling

@JimmyWayneWestie Thank you for letting me know. Our team is still looking into this. We will follow up with more information as soon as we can.

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Hello @JimmyWayneWestie, I wanted to follow up and let you know that there was an update, and the issue you were experiencing with scrolling in the premium graphics window should be resolved.

Would you please let me know if you are still running into this issue on mobile?


It works!!!

Premium graphics scrolling is back.

Wow, together you, me , @jestelle , @taviamsaenz , @a.rausch and the corporate team at Glowforge slayed the dragon. Everyone across Glowforge Land will celebrate with festivals and a parade.

There will be stories written and an award winning movie made about the plight we had to endure and finally conquer.

All of us together can bask in this joyful moment.

Fade to black………


Huzzah!! We are so thrilled ^_____^ Happy printing!