Premium member not working

I’m a Premium member I just went to try to get the latest free designs. The price never drops down to zero. Is anyone else having this issue? Its been like this all day :frowning:

It happens to a few people. Your post here will let the support team know to look into it for you. Just out of curiosity, have you tried logging out and then back in? I leave my GFUI open 24-7 so sometimes I need to logout to get new things to work properly. You might also try clearing your cache.

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I have emailed them, but haven’t heard back. I was hoping to get a few things made before i go to work. But i cant use text or anything :sob:

They will get back. All the people who posted before you appear to have gotten it fixed

Just for future reference, it’s best to either post here OR email, doing both can slow the process down because of duplication. I hope you get things going again soon.

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thanks for letting me know. I still haven’t heard back and its still not fixed :confused: I was hoping it would have been fixed by now. 3 days of not being able to use it stinks.

At the very end there is a box to apply discount and it goes to zero then and you still have to pay zero to get it.

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mine keeps showing how much it is and wants my card info and still shows full price. Even at the very end it still shows full price. :thinking:

I missed the discount button at first, it is somewhat obscure, If you purchased anything before it will have your card info. However you still have to log in a second time at that point to make it work.

I think that Support may want to look into making it fewer hoops to get there.

mine isn’t showing anything like that. it just has my card info or PayPal.

Hi Kendra! So sorry for the delay. I just reached out to you via your support ticket, so I’m closing this topic.