Premium needing to be fixed

so this is an ongoing prob;em for me everytime i dont use my gf for a week or more. when i get back on i don’t have premium for some reason i have had to have gf fix it several times but sometimes it takes what feels like forever to get in touch with someone when u need this done. i have went into the setting to try to update my payment opishions but it dose’nt show up any where’s and here i am again needing it fixed

Only Glowforge support can help you with this. Either email them or phone.


If it keeps happening and you haven’t changed your payment method, I wonder if you have an ad blocker that is interacting strangely with the Glowforge website. If you do have an ad blocker, you might try disabling it and see if that helps.

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Definitely an add blocker - I changed browsers and that helped me issue :slight_smile: Chrome vs internet explorer

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Why would you do that to yourself??

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