Premium? Yes or No?

Just wondering if it is worth to continue with premium? What will I be missing if I drop it? Are still able to add text or pictures in the app? Does the fast lane make a real difference? I have the Plus.

Fast lane really doesn’t matter a whole lot at all. You will lose what little design tools they have in the GFUI. But you’re far far better served learning to use Inkscape or Illustrator anway. The only thing you will really lose that might matter is the storage of your projects. Without premium your projects will drop off from the dashboard after 30 days. Personally I never rely on the dashboard anyway. I have the files on my computer locally and keep settings in a text file or spreadsheet for each project so it’s very simple to just import and change the settings.

So in my opinion? No. Not worth it. ESPECIALLY if you are paying full price for it.



If you want to design with the app, that is what premium is for. If you only want to make work you have done in a separate design app like Inkscape then you have less use for it.

If you have a marketing situation and you just want stuff to put in the “shop”, then Premium will pay for itself easily. If being an artist selling your own ideas is the main thing there are a few cute things but not so much value.


Not worth it for me. I use Inkscape.


Many previous discussions on this, much of it heated.

Its value depends on how you intend to use your machine, and your knowledge of design software. Some people would get value from it, others (myself included) wouldn’t - at any price.


I like it and worth it for me but not at the full price…


Learning to use a design app will not only save you money, it will let you do more things with your Glowforge. The Premium features are a crutch. Crutches are helpful, that’s not a pejorative, but you can’t run with them.


Depends on how you run of course :melting_face:

You also get the “free with premium” designs, app features aside.


I did not know that the items in my storage would disappear after 30 days. Thanks for that! Food for thought.

They are removed if you don’t use them in 30 days. If you’re not printing them frequently, why store them there anyway?


The pictures you can add from the GFUI come with a commercial sales license, so if that’s something you’ll use - totes worth it.

If you decide to go forward with it - there is a current discount if you buy for a year that works out to be like 60% off - if you can afford that it makes WAY more sense than the full price per month.

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I wander how much you lose in terms of speed?? its really the only reason I have it at this point. I have been considering dropping the subscription. I use Easel from my CNC and there is a night and day difference between “Design” on the two platforms. Glowforge really offers nothing in comparison.

You don’t lose anything in terms of machine speed.

Premium provides slightly faster “print preparation/calculating precision movements”, which saves a few seconds before you hit the magic button.


Currently, the Glowforge app really does mostly “drop and do” for the person that is not going to do much designing. Inkscape does not have G-code output but I wonder how that would compare to Easel as a design tool? Inkscape is certainly superior to the usual cad software for what I used to call “squishy stuff” while inferior in specific type geometry that is best in cad.

Edit: Easel would be particularly interesting if it had the Art-cam ability to manipulate grayscale height modeling and Celtic Knotwork design that I have not seen anywhere else.

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Thanks guys!
for me Easel is just easy, they have a design library and fonts as well. Glowforge has a larger library in that respect for fonts. I set my tool to a straight bit at .03 diameter. so my cut lines are thin and go from there. For, Cut, Score, Engrave set each for a different cut depth. (set my material thick) Then I use full depth for cut then set engrave / score for .1 and .5 depth. This way they show as different greys. A lot of apps are written by Inventables and contributors to help in design and manipulating of imported files. You have limited node editing tools. Insert, straight, curved and delete. They continually are adding tools.

I use Inkscape and V carve pro for other projects as well. I am just a novice at those.

It is likely will dump the pro feature as I rarely re-use files after a month or so and if I do its easy to export a new SVG out of Easel and I save some of them as well. I purchased the subscription at a discount as the value is not there at $50.

Not sure the calculation time and storage is worth the cost.

If that was all you cared about it would not come close.

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At the time they sent out the notification I was new and didn’t understand the what implications it would have, the discounted rate I can handle the full price is outrageous. Will likely cancel premium shortly. Thanks All.

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