Preorder credit not appearing in GF PG materials Shop

I logged in and went to the shop to order some proofgrade materials and when I hit the end of checkout I didn’t see my credit applied anywhere. My undersnding is that we were supposed to get $20/mo credit from Dec 2016 until our ship date (July 2017).

I believe that they’ve integrated the existing credit totals into your billing page on your account:

Is that showing anything?

Only the $50 catalog credit shows there. We should have had $120 or $140 credit that isn’t showing up.

IIRC, some people have posted that they did not see the credit reflected until they added items to their cart. Then they saw the credit reflected as a deduction from that balance.

(I feel like I’ve worded that awkwardly, but hopefully it makes sense?)


I added ~$160 worth of materials to my cart. It reflects the 10% founder’s discount but no shop credit.

Was there a time limit within which the credit had to be used? Like the first 14 days or something?

Not that I recall ever hearing/reading. You’ve got a ticket open now, so Support should be looking into it soon.


I’m not sure if there’s an expiration date, but I wouldn’t think so. Wish I could say for sure, but rather than make something up, I’ll wait for @staff to give you a correct answer.

Since you posted this in problems and support, it will open up a ticket so someone from support should have a solid answer for you soon.

Try hitting check out and see if it shows it there?

Nope. Went so far as to hit the (half hidden) checkout button and it charged my card almost $170 :confounded:

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Support will fix it for sure, via refund or credit.

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I sent an eMail to support and they fixed my credit.

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I emailed Support. Haven’t heard back yet or seen them on this thread. Hmmm…

Give them some time, they’ll answer.

I’m so sorry. The credit should be available if you try to check out now. Please let me know if you still don’t see it.

That’s great, but since I just spent more than the credit amount in the proofgrade shop, I’d rather that amount were credited back to my credit card. I’ve already made a large purchase.

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Thanks for your patience. I’m sorry for mistake on our end. As a result, I’ve refunded $120 to your card and applied the store credit in its place.