Preparation time for Irma

Heads up to the folks in Puerto Rico, the DR, Cuba and Florida - now would be the time to stock up on water, grab a few spare cans of gasoline and store it, buy your plywood and window clips, grab a couple of extra loaves of bread and freeze it.

Don’t wait till the last minute…they’re gonna be gone. Oh, and if you want Oreos, better grab those too. (First thing to disappear from the shelves…still trying to figure that one out.) :smile:

Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys - I’ve got family up the east coast and more in the center of the gulf so we’re watching to see where this one winds up, but you guys will meet Irma first, so everybody be careful. Please.


Yes this is going to be horrific. Every time I turn around it is significantly stronger


I have friends in Nevis/St. Kitts and thinking about them. It’s going to be north of them but the path is so wide and winds so high it will be bad.


If i lived anywhere near the coast, I’d make a run for it. I hope everyone evacuates well in advance of this one if they can. :confused:

This year is obviously going to have a bad hurricane season. Fewer storms, but much stronger. That happens every decade or so.


You’re not kidding. I keep reading how it’s intensifying.
Our facility outside of Tampa lost power for an hour this morning. I have no idea if it was storm-related or not though.

BEST WISHES to those who will be affected!!!


Yeah, and I saw a model this morning predicting the exact path of Hurricane Katrina, which pretty much destroyed the Mississippi coast and did a TON of damage all the way up here in Jackson, MS. Even 3 hours from the coast, we were hit hard enough, we were without power for something like 8 days. Trees down everywhere!


I sure hope not. My mom and sister live right there where LA meets Mississippi. :no_mouth:

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I was down that way yesterday. I was in McComb, which is in the last county before you enter LA.

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Best of luck to all that may be in Irma’s path! :worried:

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I’m not as familiar with that area, but I know where it is. Is that where you’re from?

We have a tradition here of getting storm chips.
Stock up on chips and be safe.


No, I live in a suburb of Jackson, about an hour and a half north of the LA line.

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Which ones, in particular, are best for storms? :wink:


I’m watching and waiting until Thursday or Friday to decide whether to stay or go (queue up the Clash). Got all the prep done this weekend which is good because people starting now are almost too late, the stores are already crazy. It’s both good and bad to have so much warning.

I faced Katrina from near the LA/MS border and it’s not something I want to do twice. Hoping the GF doesn’t need to learn how to swim. :grin: Seems like that would be a short thread in the problems section if it happens (operating outside recommended temp and humidity levels, closed).

So anyway, I’m on the mainland of the Florida Space Coast near KSC. Evacs ordered in South Florida already which is good, but as fast as this storm is moving and as big as it is everything boils down to when it loses enough power to actually be able to make a right hand turn. The 11 AM spaghetti charts take this storm through the living room. :grin: It is too far away to worry about that right now.

The next couple of days will be interesting. Still too early to call this one.


After going through hurricane Andrew in '92, when I lived in Miami, my advice would be “get out while you can”. Seriously, just leave, no matter the cost. having no running water or electricity for months on end does awful things to people.

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Believe me, I’ll be gone if warranted. A lot of spots North are already taken by Harvey evacs

I don’t know if IRMA could have lined up any better/worse… eeek… hang in there, peeps!


It all depends on the right hand turn. Bouncing off Cuba isn’t a great thing.

Hop on a plane and come to Portland, you can stay on my couch. Although if the fires get any worse we’ll have to evacuate too. Right now everything is covered in ash, can’t breathe outside, and the sun and moon are dull red for the last two days.


Yeah… and Puerto Rico, Virgin Isles and the rest of the West Indies is going to be pretty messed up for years.