Preparing for Winter



I was just looking out at the yard work that needs to be done before winter and thought about some natural materials I might want to collect before the snow flies in Wisconsin.

I’ll be looking for flat leaves, stones and maybe even sticks or small branches to try out.

Any other ideas?


Looking forward to doing some bone and antler, I’m sure it will stink terrible! But should look nice.


Acorns? We mostly have pines around here, and the high resin content might not be the best to try to laser. :neutral_face:


If you could do leaves, you could do maple seeds. (Imagine somehow being able to release a whole cloud of maple seeds onto a crowd, all of them with writing and images)


Sadly a nice young buck was hit just in front of our house yesterday. I thought I might sneak out that evening and collect the antlers, but the city came and got it too quickly. Normally something like that would lay there for days. Figures.


Bone and antler are pretty valuable for knife handles aren’t they? - Rich


Oh, I love that idea!


Antler (and bone) are both highly valued, and difficult to find without shooting a deer yourself. When they shed every year the antlers tend to disappear quickly (eaten by various insects). It’s not technically legal, I think, to take the antlers off of road kill, but I hate the idea of waste.


Great idea. On my calendar for Spring gathering. I’ll be looking for acorns as @Jules suggested. I’ve got a friend who would LOVE for me to come over and bag up a bunch of the acorns dropped on his lawn.


My neighbor is a duck-hunting guide. He has offered me hundreds of duck skeletons. The catch is that they would come still inside the ducks, and I would be responsible for removing them. Not sure if that is a task I want to take on.
Duck skulls should fit into the Glowforge though, so I am still considering it.


Ugh, without some taxidermy equipment that sounds line a very unpleasant job (as if the taxidermy way is fun to begin with. )


Put it on/near a red ant hill…they should way them bones clean…


Hmmm acorns…we’ve got plenty…may have to have a go.


Just call your local game warden/DNR officer. More often that not, they will be completely fine with it and give you a receipt for possession.


But the smell so delightful!